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CHOUDHARY INFRAENGINEERING PROJECTS PVT.LTD is a turnkey construction company that has built a strong reputation for delivering a quality service, on time, and at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on being skilled and experienced in all aspects of construction and this, combined with our extensive knowledge of the upper North Island market, has established us as major players in this field.

Our commitment to innovation and excellence invariably results in a successfully completed project for both contractor and client. We understand and promote the idea of working as a partnership with our clients to ensure their goals are met.

At CHOUDHARY INFRAENGINEERING PROJECTS PVT.LTD.  we never rest upon our laurels and are passionate and driven to continue the high levels of customer satisfaction we have achieved over the past 11 years.

We undertake a variety of projects for a wide range of cliental – from small private developments to large Government projects. Our unique and flexible project management systems ensure that a positive outcome is achieved regardless of size or nature of the project.



 “CHOUDHARY   INFRAENGINEERING   PROJECTS PVT LTD”  (Formerly Choudhary Enterprises), started their business in the field of  civil construction & steel structure works  in  year  2002 .They are executing  the Infra project works,  Coal base & Gas base Power Projects ancillary construction works .Commercial & residential buildings including Architectural  works. Steel Structure fabrication and erection works will remain their part of the construction works.


(AA) Balance of Plant Package: -

1.  Construction of civil & Architectural work of Main plant ,including STG Deck.STG Building & Control Building, GTG foundations & Auxiliary foundation ,Induced Draft  Cooling Tower of 20 Cells ,GTG Auxiliary cooling water & cooling Tower foundation, GTG by pass stack foundation, HRSG  foundations, Transformer foundation &cross country pipeline . For 3x110 MW  Dholpur combined Cycle Power Project ,Dholpur, for Rajasthan Rajya Vidhut Utpadan Nigam Limited  through M/s Gea Energy System (India) Ltd. CHENNAI


(BB) Coal Handling Plants (including Track Hopper & Wagon Tripler)


1.      Civil construction work of Coal Handling Plant Package” A”  Stage II Unit III & IV Crasser House, including all finishing items, Conveyer Tunnels, MCC Building, Four numbers conveyer turning points of STPS Suratgarh (Rajasthan) for TRF Limited Jamshedpur.

 2.      Civil construction work of Coal Handling Plant including Wagon Tripler ,Crasser house including all finishing items, Conveyors turning points ,including Tunnels, Paint house ,Two story MCC Building including all finishing items, Conveyer  Gallery Columns foundations ,for BALCO captive Power Plant Korba ( CG) 1x110MW  for TRF Limited Jamshedpur.

 3.      Civil construction work of Lignite/Lime Handling includes, MCC  Building, including all finishing items, TP’s.& Msc. foundations Crasser house including all finishing items, for  2x125 MW  for NLC TPP  Barsinghsar  (Rajasthan). for Mcnally Bharat Engineering company Ltd Kolkata.

 4.      Civil construction work  of Coal Handling Plant including Track Hopper ,Conveyer Turning Points ,Tunnel, MCC building  Unit 1,2,3,&4 for 4x330 MW Mundra Thermal Power  Project  Adani  Power SEZ  Tunda  &  Sircha  Mundra ( Kutch ) Gujarat.


  1.   Civil & Architectural, Structural & Mechanical Equipments works, consisting of :-

 (a)        Ash  Water  Pump House & Ash Water  Sump  with  Equipments  & Pump  Foundations

(b)         Ash Slurry Pump House, including Ash slurry Sump, A/S. Pump & equipments foundations  TAC, Switchgear Building ,TAC House, HCSD Pump House, HCSD Silo , Fly Ash Silo  concrete framed structures ,

  (c)     The Fabrication and erection of structural steel for HCSD Silo, Pipe Racks, Surge Tank, Settling Tank, Fly Ash Pipe Rack structure, FLY ASH SILO  for Ash Handling System Package for IGSTPP (3X500MW APCPL/NTPC ) JHAJJAR Haryana for M/s DC Industrial Plant services Private Limited  Kolkata.

(DD )  Induced Draft Cooling Tower:-

1.      Civil work for Construction of Induced Draft Cooling Tower of 20 cell for 3x110 MW

D.C.C.P.P Dholpur for RRUVNL through M/s Gea Energy System (India) Ltd. CHENNAI.

2.      Civil work for construction of Induced Draft Cooling Tower for Unit- 4 for 330 MW for

Mundra Thermal Power Project, Adani  Power SEZ Tunda& Sircha Mundra (Kutch) Gujarat.


(EE)  Water Engineering Projects:- 

1.      Civil construction work including Control room with Architectural work of Water Treatment Plant, Pump House for Balco  Captive Power Plant  Korba ( CG) for M/S. Maxwell Construction (P) Ltd. New Delhi.

 2.      Civil & Steel structural’s work of Circulating Water System & Fire Protection System for Barsinghsar  (Rajasthan), for  M/s. Kirloskar  Brothers  Limited  Pune.

 3.      Civil construction work  of Sea  Water Desalination Plant and  mislanious civil works             (RO  Plant)  for   Adani   Power  SEZ  Mundra  (Kutch) GJ

 1.      Installation of Pumps and related Valves, equipments & Control Instruments, Pipe line work for Ash Water Recirculation System at Indra Gandhi Super Thermal Power Project Jharli Jhajjar (Haryana) for Unitech Machines Limited.


(GG)- Electrical Works:-

 1.      Installation & Commissioning of 11KV Overhead line, MLDB, Electrical cabling, Earthling System. Control Panels, Control Instruments, lighting of AWRC System for Unitech Machine Ltd, for IGSTPP Jarli Jhajjar.

2.      Civil work including Control room with Architectural work of 220kv Switch yard for BALCO KORBA (CG) of M/S. Siemens Ltd. Navi Mumbai.

 3.      Civil construction work including Control room with Architectural work of 11kv, for AWR System for Unitech Machine Ltd, for IGSTPP Jarli, Jhajjar.

(HH)  Infra Projects works (Road & Drain Work):-

 1.      Construction of New Drainage System including road work in old city of Bikaner for M/S RUIDP  Bikaner (Rajasthan)  through M/S  EPIL  (a govt.  of  India  Undertaking)  New Delhi

  - “Choudhary   Infraengineering  Projects Pvt. Ltd”.(Formerly Choudhary Enterprises) has worked in  Rajasthan , Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh,  Gujarat and presently working in Haryana  and  Maharashtra States.

 From humble beginnings, CHOUDHARY INFRAENGINEERING PROJECTS PVT.LTD has expanded over time to be the established major roll in construction field or that we see today.

 The company was founded by MR.SATISH CHOUDHARY in 2002 under the name of “CHOUDHARY ENTERPRISES”. Growth of this small, sole-proprietor building operation was inevitable as CHOUDHARY INFRAENGINEERING PROJECTS .PVT.LTD  to take on larger projects over a larger geographical area.

Despite 11 years of successful operation in the CONSTRUCTION field, Mr. SATISH sensed further opportunities in the construction field and the company’s strategic direction was altered to take advantage of these opportunities.

This decision proved to be very prudent as CIPPL achieved steady growth due to the successful completion of a variety of projects. The company had now become medium-sized with increased staff levels and turnover.

In 2013 Mr. Satish Kumar  Choudhary changed the company name to CHOUDHARY INFRAENGINEERING PROJECTS PVT.LTD  with the vision of becoming an even larger and more comprehensive  construction organization. The continuing desire for quality and professional service was reaffirmed with this change.

Since 2002 CHOUDHARY ENTERPRISES has gone from strength to strength, taking on larger and more ambitious projects. Project and contract management systems have been re-engineered to guarantee customer satisfaction. CHOUDHARY INFRAENGINEERING PROJECTS PVT.LTD achieved QEST accreditation in 2008 and also updated their Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality policies and procedures.

With a long and intimate history, it is no wonder the culture at CHOUDHARY INFRAENGINEERING PROJECTS PVT.LTD is one of continual improvement. With this “can-do” attitude we, at Choudhary Enterprises are excited to confront the challenges and seize the opportunities the future will bring.

 Our Values - Quality

Quality is a success of   CHOUDHARY INFRAENGINEERING PROJECTS PVT.LTD. We aim to make sure that the expectations of the client, engineer and all stakeholders are fully complied with and that projects are delivered with a high standard of workmanship in a timely manner. We always use products and materials that meet or exceed the requirements of the client / contract documents and ensure our staff are adequately trained.


Health and Safety

The health, safety and welfare of all staff, sub-contractors, clients and visitors is significantly important to CHOUDHARY INFRAENGINEERING PROJECTS PVT.LTD, and it is our intention to strive for excellence in the effective health and safety management of all construction sites under our control.

We also aim to effectively mitigate all hazards arising from our facilities, activities and site specific environments.

We also ensure we comply with all legal obligations, relevant standards and codes of practice with a commitment to developing a culture of safety within the construction field.

Environmental Sustainability

At CHOUDHARY INFRAENGINEERING PROJECTS PVT.LTD. We understand that environmental sustainability is everyone’s responsibility and as a prominent local company we are prepared to lead the way in this regard. We also realize that a commitment to the environment is not just socially responsible, but also good business practice as we seek to increase our constantly growing reputation. For this reason we ensure that our environmental policy is implemented throughout every facet of our business.

Simply put, our overall objective is to carry out our operations in a way which manages and minimizes any adverse environmental impact and to prevent any pollution.

Our Team

At CHOUDHARY INFRAENGINEERING PROJECTS PVT.LTD. We have an energetic and highly motivated team who enjoy completing projects with the highest of engineering sector standard.

Currently, we have approximately 35 staff in our team with a wide range of experience and skills to ensure we can successfully deliver on any project on turnkey basis. Very high average employment duration of 11 years signifies the devotion, reliability, experience and commitment that customers can expect us to provide on every job we undertake.

At CHOUDHARY INFRAENGINEERING PROJECTS PVT.LTD. We fully believe the adage “Your staff are your most important asset”. We realize that the personal and professional development of our team is imperative in ensuring the successful delivery of projects, and thus the success of our business. We therefore invest in our staff through comprehensive training programmers’, mentoring and coaching. The rewards of this philosophy are inevitably shared with customers through increased satisfaction and better quality service.

Our Registered office is at A-7, Mangal Vihar Colony, Aligarh-202001(U.P)  . Confining the majority of our business to the West U.P ensures that clients get local contractors with local knowledge and expertise.

Managing Director -  Mr. Satish  Kumar Choudhary


Mr. Satish Kumar  Choudhary  has grown up in and around CHOUDHARY INFRAENGINEERING PROJECTS   PRIVATE  LIMITED   under  the  watchful  eyes  of parents  Mr. Bijendra  Singh and

Mrs. Vidhya Wati Devi.  He worked for the Team fulltime in 2002 and is now the Managing Director / C.E.O.


We have an extensive fleet of machinery and equipments including the following:

§  Poclin  ( VOLVO )

§  Excavater  ( Terax Vectra & JCB )

§  Transit Mixtures

§  Concrete Batching & Mixing Plant with Scrapper 30 Cum/Hr.

§  Concrete Batching & Mixing Plant with Scrapper 20 Cum/Hr.

§  Concrete Pressure Pump 46 Cum. Per Hr.

§  Mini Batching Plant 15 Cum. Per Hr.

§  Electrical mixtures machines.

§  Road Roller - 10 Tons

§  Hywa Dumpers

§  Quality  Control Equipments

§  Crane 100 MT

§  Hydra  Crane 10 MT

§  Welding Rectifiers

§  Pug cutting Machine.

§  Compressor 30 HP

§  Tractor & Trolley. 

Equipments are available for hire, subject to availability. Please contact us with your requirements.

It is the combination of these capital resources and our valuable human resources that enables us to deliver a successfully completed project on budget and on time.

Future objectives of  Choudhary Infraengineering  Projects  Pvt.  Ltd.

Choudhary enterprise has executed works related to THERMALPOWER PROJECTS ancillary works like Coal Handling Plant, Ash Handling Plant, Cooling Towers, Cooling Water recirculation system. Cross country Pipe line, Main Plant Building, R. 0. Plant, Water  treatment plant etc.

Our main objective is to serve the Nation in the field of Power field, since there is a shortage of Power in every state.  The power demand is increasing day by day in every state.

1.           We want to work as a  BOP (Balance of Plant) and EPC contractor for Public sector or

Private sector for the above packages of Thermal Power Projects

2.           We also like to work on the use of natural resources like Wind Energy, Solar Energy, and on Sea-tidal energy for power generation.

 3.           We will provide employment to the Graduate Engineers, Engineering- Diploma holders, and Graduates candidates in this field.

4.           We also like to work for Infra-project development in Indian states .like construction of Bridges, School – buildings   and   also  in Public Buildings  and Road works.



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  • We held our company inaugration on 1st April,2013

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